Single birch sunset

Wilverley and a Fox Hill Sunset

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A perfect day on the New Forest. Wilverley in the morning and then a sublime Fox Hill sunset.
Harry and I head off to Wilverley for a lovely autumn walk from Wilverley in the morning. We park by Wilverley Inclosure.

Sweet Chestnut lit by the sun

We wend our way through the edge of Wilverley Inclosure before heading out onto the plain. The sunlight slants through the trees and sets the Sweet Chestnut leaves alight.

Harry ready to play

As soon as we get out into the open, Harry is all ready to play ball.

Clumber Inclosure

We skirt round what is left of Markway Inclosure. Many of the trees have been taken down, opening up the view, here over to Clumber Inclosure.

Duck Hole

The path from Markway leads down into Duck Hole Bog, this is the footbridge that crosses it.

Magpie on old gorse

A magpie settles on a branch of dead gorse, they really are beautiful birds.

Looking toward Puttles Bridge

Zooming in on the view again, somewhere in there is Puttles Bridge. The autumn colours are wonderful, but the hazy sunshine mutes them somewhat.

Across White Moor to Fawley

As we rise back up onto Wilverley Plain, the view opens wide across White Moor and the green plain of Whitefield Moor with the chimney stacks of Fawley Power Station in the far distance.

Eleven Thirty Two

That’ll be the eleven thirty two out of Bournemouth going overhead.

New Forest Ponies in the morning sunshine

A bunch of New Forest Ponies make the most of the morning sunshine.

New Forest Ponies - little and large

Near the car park at the end of a gorgeous walk, a New Forest Pony has a kip accompanied by a Shetland chum, not much taller than the pony lying down.

The weather bodes well for a sunset this afternoon, so we drive over to Fox Hill in search of some stunning reflections. We weren’t disappointed.

Withybed Bottom

Withybed Bottom lit by the late afternoon sun.

Pine trees against the sky

We pass some Scots Pines silhouetted against a beautiful sky.

Altocumulus Clouds

The altocumulus clouds rendered dark against the lowering sunlight.

Oak silhouette

An oak tree makes a nice study in black.

Sun and clouds

At the edge of Stonard Wood, a birch tree against the fast changing sky.

The start of Murrays Passage

We’ve skirted around Withybed Bottom to Stonard Wood and now reach the top of Murrays Passage which will lead us across the Bottom back up to Fox Hill and the spot where I’m hoping to be rewarded with a stunning sunset.

Pony tracks in the heather

From the passage we look across at multiple pony tracks across the heather which is burnt orange by the setting sun.

Autumn browns

Trees and heather now turning pink as the light changes from moment to moment.

Murrays Passage Stone

A Passage in the New Forest is a safe path across a bog. Murrays Passage crosses Long Brook in Withybed Bottom and was constructed in memory of one Admiral Murray who died hunting in the area at the beginning of the 20th Century. This stone by the brook marks the event.

Murrays Passage Path

As the path rises back up to Fox Hill I look back to Stonard Wood.

Fox Hill Pond Sunset

At last, the point of this walk. We arrive at Fox Hill Pond and look across it to the west. This is shaping up to be a cracker of a sunset.

Zooming in on the sunset

Zooming in a bit, the only thing that mars the perfection of this is the breeze that ruffles the water. But even that creates a diffused reflection of the riot of colour.

Fox Hill Model Boat Pond

A glance across to the east of the pond. This is actually an artificially made pond for model boat sailing. I’ve only seen them in action once, you can see that here.

Harry in the pond

Ever obsessed with his ball, Harry doesn’t care about the cold breeze or the even colder water and chases it down with a splash.

Single birch sunset

Back across the pond, the sun is disappearing fast now.

Fiery sky

A closer view, swirls of all the imaginable shades of orange.

The last of the sun

Zooming back out, the sun is just a pinprick of light now.

After the sunset

After the sun has set, there is about 20 minutes before the twilight really sets in. Quite often, this is the best of the sunset sky. Leaving the main pond, there is a secondary pond, whether just an old gravel pit that floods I’m not sure, but it still renders a beautiful reflection of the fantastic colours.

Closer in on the sunset

Closer in.

Cross legged Harry

Harry is still keen to play ball, but what this cross legged look is about I’m really not sure!

Twilight approaches

Twilight is approaching and it’s getting very cold. A last look at the last of the sunset fading into deeper blue and we’re off home.

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  1. Hello, I was clicking through David Hall’s links and came across your site. Really like the photos of the sunsets and your lovely dog! I also use a TZ30 as a camera of choice for most walks – I couldn’t get used to carrying a heavier one. Reciprocal links if you like, not to worry if it’s not to be. Cheers, Richard Ratcliffe, Burnley, Lancs.

  2. Post

    Thanks for your kind comment Richard. I recognise your name from David’s site and have had a look at your site before. You capture some lovely sunsets yourself.
    The TZ30 is a wonderful camera isn’t it? I had a TZ7 before, but it broke and it was a while before I could replace it. The DSLR in the household came out with me from time to time, but the weather was not really good for a camera that couldn’t stay under my jacket and was cumbersome to carry along with Harry’s ball flinger!
    I’ve added a link to your site with pleasure.

  3. Hello,
    I’ve just been looking through your website and wanted to offer my appreciation of a like-minded person to myself about a passion for the New Forest. Your photos are excellent and are really inspiring.

    I moved here in 2010 with my wife Kathy. I also have a love for photography and I get out into the Forest with my camera (mostly on my own) as often as I can.
    I have recently put my website online which features life in the New Forest through photographs.

    Anyway, I just wanted to make contact with another ‘local’ who has a similar interest in this beautiful environment as I do.


  4. Post

    Hi Laurie
    Thank you for your kind words. I’ve had little time to update my site for some time, but am still snapping. I hope to start updating it regularly again soon. I’ll have a look at your site.


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