The Author – New Forest Walker

Harry on the sea rocks at Osmington Mills in DorsetI’m the author of New Forest Walker and my name is Rowena Padel. I’ve lived in the New Forest since 1986. As a regular dog walker with our Border Collie Harry, a horse rider and having a keen interest in wildlife, plants and history, I have been taking photographs of the Forest over these years. So, following in the footsteps of some of the walkers websites that I follow (check out my links page) I decided that since I am walking every day, I should simply carry a compact camera with me on every walk to try to capture some of the interest and beauty that I am lucky enough to enjoy every day of my life and share it with anyone who chooses to visit the New Forest Walker website.

In the winter our walks tend to be confined to the very local area, driven by light and time. During the spring, summer and early autumn, we range wider and hopefully my journal entries will include a wider range of walks.

On a daily basis I carry a Panasonic TZ30 compact camera, recently upgraded my TZ7 which died in 2012. On high days and holidays, a Nikon D40 SLR. Just in case you’re interested in these things!

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