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A Stunning Evening on Ibsley Common

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Sun Pillar over Ibsley Common

A lovely late afternoon walk from Mockbeggar around Newlands Plantation and Ibsley Common with stunning skies and a gorgeous sunset.


Abundant wildlife at Linford

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Plenty to see on our walk from Linford Bottom this morning. (more…)

Bovine and Cervine

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Horses yesterday and today cows and deer. Every day is different on the Forest. (more…)

The Running of the Deer and the Setting of the Sun..

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There is a herd of fallow deer around Linford that includes three white(ish) coloured members and I got a really good look at them in Little Linford Inclosure this morning. The day was rounded off with a lovely sunset from Ibsley Common. (more…)

Linford and Ibsley

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A dull, cold start at Linford and a glorious sunset from Ibsley to end the day. (more…)

Inquisitive Wildlife at Hightown Common

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Dull weather abounds. But light relief is provided by some very interested animals on a trundle around Hightown Common near Ringwood. (more…)

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