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New Forest Walker is a record of my walks with my border collie Harry recording the changing seasons and diverse wildlife around our home in the New Forest, with occasional forays to other beautiful places.

Fox Hill Sunset

Wilverley and a Fox Hill Sunset

Nov 23 2013 | New Forest | 4 Comments

A perfect day on the New Forest. Wilverley in the morning and then a sublime Fox Hill sunset.
Harry and I head off to Wilverley for a lovely autumn walk from Wilverley in the morning. We park by Wilverley Inclosure. (more…)

New Forest Pony

The First Frosts on the New Forest

Nov 16 2013 | New Forest | 1 Comment

What a wonderful autumn we’ve had so far – a bit wet in places – but then there are days like these, the first frosts on the New Forest. Frost, with sunshine and mist – perfection. Staying local, Harry and I head to Linford and take an extended walk around the top of Pinnick Wood.

Sunset at Ibsley Pond

Autumn Colour Over Two Days

Nov 9 2013 | New Forest | No Comments

With a lot of rain in between, these are images from autumn colour at Rockford Common in the morning of one day and a magical sunset at Ibsley Common on the evening of the next.


Whitefield Plantation

Rockford Common Misty Morning

Oct 8 2013 | New Forest | No Comments

After a wonderful summer, autumn has come in with fantastic colours, misty mornings and (some) lovely sunny days. This morning was a perfect example. (more…)

Beacon Hill, Berkshire

Mar 11 2012 | Berkshire | No Comments

We head off to Newbury to check out where Jon will be working temporarily and decide to make the most of the outing and take Harry for a walk up Beacon Hill, an Iron Age Hillfort. We’ve seen it signposted many times, but never had time to stop and stare. Now’s our moment.


A Glorious Afternoon on Hengistbury Head

Mar 10 2012 | Dorset | 1 Comment

Late afternoon from Southbourne Beach to Hengistbury Head and back again.


Linford and Ibsley Common on a Misty Day

Mar 1 2012 | New Forest | 3 Comments

The mornings are generally misty at the moment, but this morning a thicker fog lingers for our morning walk at Linford Bottom.


A Sunny Day at Linford and Ibsley

Feb 26 2012 | New Forest | No Comments

A gorgeous early spring day today, a few photos from Linford in the morning and Ibsley Common in the afternoon.


Fox Hill Sunset

Feb 25 2012 | New Forest | 2 Comments

A wander around the Fox Hill area of the central New Forest on a blissfully sunny and still afternoon. I park at Andrews Mare car park which is in a holly holm on the Stoney Cross plateau, just south of the A31 off the road towards Emery Down. It’s a lovely peaceful area of the Forest.


A Stunning Evening on Ibsley Common

Feb 23 2012 | New Forest | No Comments

A lovely late afternoon walk from Mockbeggar around Newlands Plantation and Ibsley Common with stunning skies and a gorgeous sunset.


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