A morning walk on the Smugglers Road

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The fine weather continues, a few from Smugglers Road on a glorious day.

The path up to the Smugglers Road

From the car park we set off up the path that leads us directly onto the Smugglers Road. This path led up from the sea and bays around Christchurch. Smugglers would land their contraband on the coast and use the path to bring it into the New Forest to distribute.

Birches as we reach the Smugglers Road

We walk up the last few yards before joining the road through these fresh young birch trees.

Views over Ringwood to North Dorset and Wiltshire

The Smugglers Road may not be particularly high up, but it affords excellent views. Here looking over Ringwood – you can see the tower of Ringwood church just above the green tree line to left of center – towards North Dorset and Wiltshire.

Spring Greens

I thought I’d call this Spring Greens. Zooming in a little to enjoy the myriad shades.

Over Cranes Moor

In the opposite direction, the scar of a path over Cranes Moor looking towards the Dur Hill Inclosure. Everything in the distance washed out by the high sun.

Ahead on the Smugglers Road

The wide Smugglers Road stretches out before us, dry as a bone.

Further on it dips and rises following the ridge

Further on it dips and rises following the ridge.

Harry on the return path

After walking a good way along the path, we drop down into Broad Bottom and follow the lower path back to the car. Harry posing with a Gorse bush. You’ll see that the path is pure sand. This used to be under the sea apparently!

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