Sunset from Rockford

Rockford Common Sunset

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An evening walk around Rockford Common is accompanied by heavy weather, but clearing skies give a beautiful sunset.

Cloud or smoke?

Looking out over Blashford Lakes, I’m not sure whether this is smoke rising up or cloud falling down!

North Dorset and the Wiltshire border - very heavy weather

Looking towards north Dorset and the Wiltshire border – very heavy weather.

Wet paths of Rockford Common

Walking through the old gravel pit on Rockford Common, the paths are wet from recent rain.

Clearing weather

The heavy clouds begin to clear especially for the sunset.

Sunset beginnings

There it is – the beginning of the sunset.

Pretty skies

The clearing clouds are wispy against the beautifully coloured sky.

Sunset over Dorset from the tumulus

Sunset over Dorset from the tumulus.

Clouds on fire

Zooming in, the clouds are aflame with colour.

Sunset over Linbrook lake

On the drive home, I can’t resist stopping for a view of the sunset over Linbrook Lake, a sunset is never better than when you can see it twice – upside down and right side up 🙂

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