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Rockford Common Misty Morning

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

After a wonderful summer, autumn has come in with fantastic colours, misty mornings and (some) lovely sunny days. This morning was a perfect example.
Please forgive a vague dark fuzz near the top of one or two photos. My camera developed a fault that dropped a piece of something in the lens, the effect was worse depending on the zoom level.

Rockford Common - sun trying to break through the mist

As we get going, the sun makes a valiant effort to break through a low lying mist.

Rockford Common - spiders web lit by the sun

Spiders webs dress the gorse bushes, backlit by the struggling sun.

Looking back the way we've come on Rockford Common

Looking back the way we’ve come – much brighter now.

Sun through the birches on Rockford Common

Ahead of us, the sun is lighting up the remaining green in the birch trees to beautiful effect.

Looking over Digden Bottom to Ibsley Common

We reach the edge of Rockford Common and get this lovely, but still misty, view looking over Digden Bottom to Ibsley Common.

Whitefield Plantation on Ibsley Common

A bit to the left, Whitefield Plantation on Ibsley Common seen over the brightest orange bracken I’ve ever seen. The sun is getting stronger all the time warming up the world and the colours. I promise that I did no post processing to this image at all, except to resize it 😉

New Forest Pony under birch tree

This New Forest Pony looked up from grazing beneath a birch tree. What a difference to when we set out!

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