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Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Just three today, from walks at Linford in the morning and from Appleslade Inclosure in the afternoon.

A ground beetle

A ground beetle scurrying along the path in Great Linford Inclosure.

A young New Forest Pony foal

A young New Forest Pony foal as interested in me as I am in him.

A belted galloway in a big hurry

On Mount Hill in the afternoon, a whole herd of cows came galloping down the hill after me, well not after ME, but behind. Once I had Harry out of the way and lying down, I managed to catch one of the stragglers as he (or she) thundered down after the others. My heart a little in my mouth as my presence sent him wide and here he is crossing a large rabbit warren, you can see a sandy patch that surrounds one of the bigger holes. I was glad when he made it safely down!

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